About Me

Welcome to the About Goozik Page.
I'm a 25yr old Male located in Michigan, USA.
I've been into making money online for about 8 years now.
I love to share info and help others any way I can and that is why I have been getting very serious with my blog.

My general concept for making money online is Diversify. Making money online is a goal for many, to often I see people give up because one thing didn't work. So I tell them Diversify!
I'm sure you've heard the expression "Don't put all your eggs in one basket". Nothing could be more true for earning money online for the average and new person.

Earning $100 or $200 is more then enough to make most people happy for their earnings, so earn $5-10 on 10 different sites is much easier then doing so with just one site and type of earning.

Here is list of some things I have done and continue to do online to earn money.
1) Poker
2) Surveys
3)Paid to post written knowledge
4)Paid to post forums
5)Make Money from links 

6)Paid to Review
7)Playing Games
8)Search and Win
9)Paid to Upload
10)Data Entry
11)Paid to Click
12)Micro Jobs
13)Paid to blog
14)Traffic Exchanges
15)Social Networking
16)From ads on Blogs/websites
17)From Pictures
18)Affiliate marketing products

20)Get Paid to Sign-up

Arguably the most important thing in earning money online is referrals, problem is most people don't know how to get them. The best tip I can give this is, "Give and you will Get". Give helpful sites, information, and tips. You will get referrals. That is a basic premise of my blog. By sharing my knowledge and sites, I earn more and feel better knowing I have helped people. Even if I never get a person as a referral, I still wish to help. Everyone need's people to trust that have gone through the process of Earning Online, I aim to be one of those people for anyone and everyone that needs it.

Well I hope you like the blog because I do give you what I can. If you ever have any questions, need guidance or just want to talk about earning online.

Here is how to contact me. I prefer to do it through MyLot, Email or IM's.
AIM= ryanguzik
YIM= ryanguzik
ICQ= 596905684
Google Talk= GGoozik (yes two G's @ the front)

Twitter= Goozik(But I do not use it)
MyLot= 2EarnMoney2 (Best way)

My Favorite Search and Win site (USA only)