Microworkers payment proof and review

Microworkers  is a micro job site. Sometimes called micro tasks. Just like it sounds micro jobs are very simple tasks you get paid to complete online. They are often able to be done in just a matter of clicks. It's small jobs for small amounts of money. It add's up to a nice bit of extra spending money. Here is Microworkers payment proof.

The tasks are given by individual people and some online websites and businesses. You can also spend the funds you earn to create tasks of your own for other people to complete.You are given $1 bonus upon sign-up that can only be spent on creating a campaign.

With each task being unique the requirements to complete each task, amount paid, and expected time to complete are available before accepting a task to complete. Some tasks are only available to people in certain locations across the world. But the tasks will never require spending money of your own, the site has strict guidelines about the type's of tasks you can ask people to complete. The site does a very job making sure that you aren't sent to anything trying to scam you.

Getting paid to do really simple things you already do is the easy way to make money. Pressing the "like" button on Facebook. Earn money posting on twitter. Write a short article. Sign up to a new one and get paid to post on forums. You can even get paid to write things on your own blog. Obviously some of these tasks are more suited to you then others. Just make sure to check in daily as there is a limited number of people that can complete each task.(minimum 30)

Payments are made through Paypal, Alertpay or MoneyBookers With $9 minimum payout and each task completed being worth 30cents to a dollar. You can easily get paid with-in 30 days of sign-up. There is a small delay in payment. Once you reach minimum payout and request it, the site sends a letter in the mail (snail mail) with a personal "pin" number for your account. You must enter the pin one time before your money will be sent. They say it taks 4-24days to get the letter depending on location. I got mine 12days after requesting. The money was in my paypal account shortly there after.

Join Micro Job site Microworkers

Fact: Anyone in the world can join and use microworkers. There are plenty of tasks avilable to everyone. However there are more jobs avilable for people from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Get paid to write site Triond payment proof

Get paid to write or review anything you want. Promote almost anything with your own referral links. Quick article approval time. Connect with your Google Adsense for more earnings and low minimum payout of 50 cents by Paypal. Make for a great site to write on in your spare time. Here is my Triond payment proof that was requested after earning the low minimum of just 51 cents.


I've written a few things on there, my most popular being Making Money by Posting on Forums which have allowed me to get payment proof. I'm not a expert writer so getting any money for writing makes me happy.

The site allows you to see how many visits your articles get each day, along with the top sites your traffic came from. Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts for easy updating about new articles you write.

Join the paid to write site Triond by clicking here.

Free game continues to pay me to play

The free online game Dungeons and Treasure continues to pay me 14mths later.My total withdraws with no investment is almost $50 now, all in my Paypal. The day I found the free game I was very happy to add such a unique online game to my bookmarks, but never did I think it would turn into such a fun thing where I get paid to play and for my referrals each and every month. Seeing my Gold grow each day in the game just knowing at the end of the month it was going to be converted into real dollars. September 2010 Dungeons and Treasures paid me for playing for the 4th time, picture is paypal payment proof.


Time constraints, and a good supply of referrals have kept me from playing a whole lot.While a lot of my referrals quit playing for their own reasons, I still have many active referrals who have cashed out now as well. It's fun to look at my referral list there, 500 or so people now long with 10-30% being active most months. Thanks to any of you reading this.

Dungeons and Treasure Guide.

If you'd like to sign up for Dungeons and Treasures click here.

Leave a comment here or message me with your user name on D&aT and I'll send you some free items in the players market.

Interest in other ways to earn money with gaming?
Amateur game designers upload games and earn, players compete in contests for gaming merchandise.
Skill Gaming FAQ

SwagBucks Payment proof and review.

Finally got around to spending some of my Swagbucks again. This time I got $5 paypal , and a 2in1 Laser Pointer/LED light they sent to me in the mail. Here is a picture of me and the free gift.

Essentially the site rewards you with SwagBucks for doing some things online through their site. Trade your SB's in for prizes. All completely free there is no buying of anything to get your free gifts and Paypal money,they also offer various gift card prizes. Shipping and handling is free on gifts sent in the mail as well.

The daily ways to earn SwagBucks is a pretty good mixture of options:
  • Search and Win Engine- Use SwagBucks site or install plugin(highly recommend) for the search box on your normal toolbar. Get 5-20 every few searches most the time, upto 1K possible.
  • Daily Poll- Simple question, multiple choice answer. Get 1-2sb's each day.
  • Surveys- Amount available and pay rate really varies based on your basic info. Worth trying a few times.
  • Swag Codes- Several times a day you can enter a code found somewhere in the swagbucks community. Usually getting 5-15sb's per code entered.
  • NOSO - No Obligation Special Offer, earn 1SB each day for taking a look at a few offers(5-10) from some large established company's, with option to sign up for their newsletter by Email. Click skip button at bottom on things that are of no interest.
Newly added Swagbucks TV. Watch a video clip from their library of videos. Sometimes you get 5SB's at the end of the video. I'd say about one in three or four videos get's you SB's. No limit to daily videos watched.

My activity with the site has always been about every other day I'd go through the list above. Good amount of earnings from my referrals as well, thanks to any of you reading this. For referrals you get 1sb for  every 1sb earned through the search engine by your direct referrals. Up to 1,000 per referral.

If you want to sign up for SwagBucks, please use click here.

Goozik is blogging again and still earning money online

The blog is going to be updated again with some new articles, site reviews and 2010 payment proofs. Few changes to the look for the blog, mostly to help loading speed. Apologies for not keeping the blog updated, I've never been a big writer and being the blogs general niche I had some issues posting new material.

But I've got some new posts about earning money online saved to make sure the blog gets new posts. Should be able to post a few times a week for a while. I'll be moderating the comments to get rid of spammers, but you can still post instantly w/out my approval for now. Please be nice and feel free to comment on things with your experiences.

Looking forward to helping out some people again and sharing knowledge I've gained in another year of earning money online.


My Favorite Search and Win site (USA only)