Free game continues to pay me to play

The free online game Dungeons and Treasure continues to pay me 14mths later.My total withdraws with no investment is almost $50 now, all in my Paypal. The day I found the free game I was very happy to add such a unique online game to my bookmarks, but never did I think it would turn into such a fun thing where I get paid to play and for my referrals each and every month. Seeing my Gold grow each day in the game just knowing at the end of the month it was going to be converted into real dollars. September 2010 Dungeons and Treasures paid me for playing for the 4th time, picture is paypal payment proof.


Time constraints, and a good supply of referrals have kept me from playing a whole lot.While a lot of my referrals quit playing for their own reasons, I still have many active referrals who have cashed out now as well. It's fun to look at my referral list there, 500 or so people now long with 10-30% being active most months. Thanks to any of you reading this.

Dungeons and Treasure Guide.

If you'd like to sign up for Dungeons and Treasures click here.

Leave a comment here or message me with your user name on D&aT and I'll send you some free items in the players market.

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riezen said...

Yes this is a great earning site. All you need to do is play and you will earn. Glad to know this earning site.


Anonymous said...


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