How to get Referrals Part 1 - Trust

This is part 1 of 5 in How to Get Referrals.
Getting referrals can be tough for anyone even the most experienced have to try new angles and techniques as old forms of getting referrals produce less results. So in this 5 part series of how to get referrals I will look at different methods I've read up on, experimented with and had success with, so that you can benefit from all the knowledge with out having to do a bunch of searching.

In each part two different steps will be discussed centered around one theme for each part.
This series on how to get referrals will primarily be written assuming you are looking for referrals in your free to join sites and programs, but many of these tactics will be productive in your affiliate sales or online business.
I'm going to assume you are reading this because you already know how important they are.

: To get best results and understanding of the how to get referrals series I suggest you read them as I have written them, starting with part 1 and working your way up to part 5 because you will not benefit from certain steps until you have completed the previous ones.

How to get Referrals Step 1 - Trust
"Love all, but trust a few. "
William Shakespeare

Truer words could not be spoken when it comes to getting referrals online. We all love to see and read peoples experiences and recommendations, but who do we actually trust?

You need to give people a reason to trust you, the more ways the better. When you are looking to get referrals in your programs you are asking them to give their time and possibly money. You need to do everything you can to make sure that is not in vain or wasted.

Things you HAVE to do in order to build trust:
  • Have a Blog or Website, free sites are easy to make and maintain in your spare time. If you don't have anywhere to promote, how do you expect to get referrals?
  • Somewhere on your site you need to have an "about me" page, or fully complete profile. People want to know who they are dealing with.
  • Ways to contact you, a "contact me" form is the standard in blogs and sites, but having your IM,Twitter and E-mail is also needed. Not everyone likes to use one specific form.
  • Give info about the sites you promote, at the very least this should be minimum payout, payout options, who can join.
Recommended to build trust:
  • Show payment proofs.
  • Share personal experience with the site.
  • Don't sell what you promote, show how it helps.
  • Focus on them, not you.
  • Give quality contest on a regular basis. If it's never changing they have no incentive to come back.
  • Don't overdue advertisements on your site. To many and you look desperate to just make a buck any way possible. Earnings from referrals are greater then advertisement earnings.
I personally recommend using to create a blog as I feel it's the easiest to pick up and go with and allows for plenty of customization. I can also help you in this process as I'm very knowledgeable in this.
But if you prefer to go with a free website:

Another Key Point in building trust is "Branding". For example "Nike" when you read that word you think the "Nike Swoosh" and "Just Do It". That is clever and proper branding, several different things that people can recognize that all relate to one product.

When it comes to personal branding online this is accomplished by Avatar pictures, User name's and sometimes a slogan. If you use the same unique Avatar picture and name on all the forums, social sites and IM's you use. Then when they come to your blog or site and see it, they know they are dealing with you and have arrived at the right place.

Suggestions for branding:
  • Don't use some picture a lot of people do, I.E Homer Simpson, a cat or the latest movie release poster.
  • Pictures of yourself CAN work, but make sure it is an identifiable close up with no distractions in the back round.
  • If you can include a clever slogan in the pic that is readable do so, but don't force it. The Image is what's important.
  • Use the same User Name Everywhere you go. Do not use numbers! User names with numbers are often treated as uncreative and do little to instill trust. (Think of all the Major company's you can, how many of them have numbers?) If the user name you usually use is taken, A simple trick is to have the first letter appear twice both capitalized. Also make sure to use proper Name grammar, I.E Bill, not bill or biLL.

How to get Referrals Step 2 - Content
Few things can turn readers off like badly written content.Like content that is full of misspelled words and short hand type like "u" instead of you. When people are getting information from you and your site they don't want to be treated like a child, or think they are learning from one.

Lack of informational content is arguably the biggest way to turn your possible referrals off. Have you ever visited a website that is just full of banners? You didn't stick around because they did nothing to build your trust. That site lacked content, now if they had a couple paragraphs or even sentences about the site, then had a banner. You would've been more inclined to stick around to read the info and join the site they were promoting.

Good content is always going to give them something they need to know about the site. Provide helpful tips where you can, if a site has a great section that you check daily mention it. Don't be afraid to give them your full daily routine on the site. If it works for you, it may work for them.

Hyped content that is misleading may get you the initial sign up but it won't get you trust or active referrals. Once they quickly realize it's not what you promised, they will quit using the site and no longer look to you for other sites to join up under you.

Having a referral that signs up to one site because you gave accurate and quality information will get that same referral to join many of your sites. So if the site is only going to make them a few quick bucks, say so. But if the site isn't going to produce results over night, don't say it will.
Tip: Instead of saying the site will make you 100's. Say the site won't make you 10 overnight, but it will make 100's overtime.

After creating the original content, make sure to come back and edit it if something changes. If they just added a new feature come back and put "Newly added: new info etc". You never know when a repeat reader will visit your site and see the new feature and that will make them join. Staying on top of the sites you promote is important.

Recap for better content:
  • Always use spellchecker and reread your stuff. Make sure links work as well. If you have good friends, have them proof read it.
  • Do not use shorthand.
  • Inform them what the site is with minimum payout, payout options, and who can join.
  • Give them something they need to know about the site outside of the basics.
  • Share personal experiences.
  • Do not over hype or lie about the site.
  • Give accurate info and make sure it's current.

I recommend you to create a blog, (or website) and make your first entry or two about who you are and what types of things you do to make money online. Take a look at my about me page for ideas.

If you feel there is any more tips you can add or have questions, please leave a comment or use the contact me form.

Part 2 of How to get referrals is titled "Give" and discusses how to give away info and helpful things to gain referrals.


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