Paid to Play Adventure Game

Play this game and get paid with out ever depositing a single cent.
An adventure game, where you have a character that is on a constant quest to find gold, crawl dungeons, upgrade and level, sell items and compete in contests for prizes.
The adventures lasts one month. Since the adventure begins the first day of each month at midnight and
finishes the last day of each month after midnight.
The site has several tricks to win money : dungeons, contests, bonus games, temple, sponsoring, weapon sale,and chests.
At the end of each month, your gold is converted into real cash. Your character is then reset to level zero and you start again for the next month, your cash stockpiles until you have enough for cashout.
FAQ:Free to cashout and signup.
Upgrade available.Min cashout is $10.00
Cashout options: Paypal
Gold converted to cash @ start of each month.

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