How to get Referrals Part 2 - Give

Tip: To get best results and understanding of the how to get referrals series I suggest you read them as I have written them, starting with part 1 and working your way up to part 5 because you will not benefit from certain steps until you have completed the previous ones.
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How to get referrals Step 3 - Giving
"You give before you get."
Napoleon Hill - Author of the book "Think and Grow Rich"
(I encourage you to read his bio and found out about this truly remarkable man)

When it comes to earning money online, you will get far less with out giving something.

Imagine giving someone a great site, but only it's name. Will you get anything out of it and are they likely to prosper with site knowing nothing but the sites name?

Now imagine giving someone a great site with your referral link and all the details of the site, how to use it, how much they will earn and outside of money what else the site can give them.
So you have now gained a referral that's going to know how to earn money for themselves and because they have this knowledge you will earn more money. This is what we are doing when we give information, providing a mutually beneficial relationship.

When you fail to do your duties as a person who's already experienced success and pass it along, you are doomed to fail until you learn to give.

So how can you effectively give your info with out it seeming like you are selling or pushing something upon someone?
  • On your blog, when considering what all to say about a site go through your daily routine and explain why it is that you do that, and why you don't do other things on the site.
  • Write about the Pros and Cons, there is no need to hype things up. The truth is always good.
  • Show your payment proofs and prove it has worked for you.
  • If the site is simple, then give the few steps needed.
  • If it's complex, take your time and make it as easy as possible for those to use it.
  • Whenever possible, provide links to blogs of the site so they can see the admins care and keep you updated.
  • Give recently added features to show the site is always being improved.
  • If the site has been around for years, make sure to note it. Everyone likes consistency.
  • On a Article site write the basics with a few extra tips provided about a particular way of earning that will link back to your blog or have referral links directly in it. When someone sees you know that field of earning and get's a overview, they will be interested to join those sites, and most likely as your referral.
    (make sure to fill out your profile on the article site)

How to get Referrals Step 4 - Help
"Always think in terms of what the other person wants."
James Van Fleet - Great Author on the subject of talking and dealing with people.

There is a difference between Giving and Helping. When you take the time to connect with someone and help them, you make an impression for life. When you give info it's your words that make the impression. You want your referrals to know that you are there for their benefit, and not the other way around.

Helping is perhaps the most important thing of all when it comes to getting referrals.

Think about coupons you see in the daily newspaper, they are helping you save money. So you are impressed by the store and as such will go to the store even with out the coupon because you know they are trying to help you. With or with out the coupon, you will buy more then the one item because of the helping factor.

Whenever possible you should make yourself available through any number of means online to connect with a person by helping them. Instant messaging and E-mails being two of the easier and most efficient ways to do so(which is why it's important to provide that info on your blog). By helping someone set-up their account and learn their way through a site, you are likely to gain them as a referral in many sites because they have direct access to you and your knowledge anytime they need it. This is another great example of building trust from step 1 of the series and why it is so important.

Recap of part 2:
  • You must give and help in order to receive. Failure to do both will result in many lost and only one time referrals.
  • Their is tremendous power in truth, always do so.
  • People like numbers like payment proofs and length of site success.
  • Write overview and how to articles for an entire field to broaden your Trust and Help factors.
  • Always make yourself available when asked, taking the time to help one active referral in many sites is better then multiple one time referrals that may quit for any number of reasons at any given time.
  • Remember that the more you give the more you shall receive is not always an overnight thing. Patience and consistency are both powerful virtues.

Recommend sites to write articles on:
  • Squidoo - One of the largest and most friendly article sites out there. Very easy to use with lots of different options to earn money through your articles. Allowing referral links and international members make this a must use. Decent referral program. Slow earner with a $1 minimum payout. But has no waiting period for article publication.
    Example of article I wrote on Squidoo: Guide to game, Dungeons and Treasures

  • Triond - Not as well know as some other article writing sites but this one is bound to make you happy. Low 50 cent payout once a month through paypal. Earnings based off of ad's clicked on your articles combined with page views it's fairly easy to make the minimum payout off one or two articles each month. Allowing referral links make this another favorite for our field.
    Newly added: Connect with me widget that's put on all your articles that links to your Twitter, Blogspot and Facebook pages.
    The only downsides are no referral program and takes 12-24hrs before your article is manually approved for clean content.
    Example of article I wrote on Triond: Guide to Paid to Post Forums.

  • Bukisa - Earnings based off of total site revenue from ads divided by your articles page views. A reasonable $10 minimum makes this a steady residual income with some quality articles. Takes roughly one day for manual approval of your article for clean content. Biggest downside, does NOT allow referral links. So it's best used for generalized overviews of earning fields and very site specific guides to give your referrals.
    Example of article I wrote on Bukisa: Guide to MyLot to get the most out of the site.
Couple of things to know about writing articles. They do not allow you to gain page views to them through the use of Traffic Exchanges or Paid to Click sites. This is false traffic for them, and as such will not get you any extra earnings and can result in a ban from the site. Do not try to cheat the sites through false traffic of any kind, they are a great way to build trust and increase your branding. If someone see's an article and then later it's gone cause you got banned, you instantly lose anything you gained just because you wanted to make a few extra cents from the article.
Post your article on your profiles, Social sites and forums. If your friends got Twitter accounts, ask them for a simple tweet about it with a link.
When possible also have friends submit the article to social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious. Then you go to the same social bookmark site and give your article a plus rating, by having your friend do this first it will carry more weight then if you did it first.

Doing all this with each article will take only a few minutes and will drastically increase the traffic to your articles over time, and sometimes instantly. The more places you can put it with out spamming the better chance potential referrals will see it and come to you with trust already built.

Part 3 of how to get referrals is titled "Social" has to do with using Social Networks and forums to increase your trust with others and increase the presence of your "brand" to help gain referrals.


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