Earning money by making games. Also a Great free game site.

Playing free online games is something almost all of us do. Some of us make money money playing skill games or a single game like Dungeons and Treasure. For a flash game maker trying to get money from your game making efforts, this is the site for you. Instant player feedback, well supported site and plenty of ways to test out new games and earn money.

This free game site Kongregate pays the amateur game makers. Every week the top rated new upload that week get's $250, the top game each month get's $1,500. There is other methods of earning on the site as a game maker as well. Here is link about complete earnings info for game makers.

As a game player on the site, you give game ratings and comments directly to the game developer to help create a better game for your enjoyment. There is occasional rewards/sweepstakes offered by the site to the players. It varies, but I've seen gift cards, video games and clothing given away.

The site is a member of the Gamestop network, has over 34,000 games in all genre's including MMO's. There is active forums, chat and moderators making a nice game site to enjoy spending time or starting your game making career.


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