Get paid to write site Triond payment proof

Get paid to write or review anything you want. Promote almost anything with your own referral links. Quick article approval time. Connect with your Google Adsense for more earnings and low minimum payout of 50 cents by Paypal. Make for a great site to write on in your spare time. Here is my Triond payment proof that was requested after earning the low minimum of just 51 cents.


I've written a few things on there, my most popular being Making Money by Posting on Forums which have allowed me to get payment proof. I'm not a expert writer so getting any money for writing makes me happy.

The site allows you to see how many visits your articles get each day, along with the top sites your traffic came from. Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts for easy updating about new articles you write.

Join the paid to write site Triond by clicking here.


mona said...

I am member but not really active anyway congrats for the payment!

Goozik said...

Thanks. If your on Triond feel free to post a couple articles here and I'll check them out.

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