SwagBucks Payment proof and review.

Finally got around to spending some of my Swagbucks again. This time I got $5 paypal , and a 2in1 Laser Pointer/LED light they sent to me in the mail. Here is a picture of me and the free gift.

Essentially the site rewards you with SwagBucks for doing some things online through their site. Trade your SB's in for prizes. All completely free there is no buying of anything to get your free gifts and Paypal money,they also offer various gift card prizes. Shipping and handling is free on gifts sent in the mail as well.

The daily ways to earn SwagBucks is a pretty good mixture of options:
  • Search and Win Engine- Use SwagBucks site or install plugin(highly recommend) for the search box on your normal toolbar. Get 5-20 every few searches most the time, upto 1K possible.
  • Daily Poll- Simple question, multiple choice answer. Get 1-2sb's each day.
  • Surveys- Amount available and pay rate really varies based on your basic info. Worth trying a few times.
  • Swag Codes- Several times a day you can enter a code found somewhere in the swagbucks community. Usually getting 5-15sb's per code entered.
  • NOSO - No Obligation Special Offer, earn 1SB each day for taking a look at a few offers(5-10) from some large established company's, with option to sign up for their newsletter by Email. Click skip button at bottom on things that are of no interest.
Newly added Swagbucks TV. Watch a video clip from their library of videos. Sometimes you get 5SB's at the end of the video. I'd say about one in three or four videos get's you SB's. No limit to daily videos watched.

My activity with the site has always been about every other day I'd go through the list above. Good amount of earnings from my referrals as well, thanks to any of you reading this. For referrals you get 1sb for  every 1sb earned through the search engine by your direct referrals. Up to 1,000 per referral.

If you want to sign up for SwagBucks, please use click here.


roseyroser said...

I love the site! I've been a member for over a year now! This site has consistently stayed a great site while others have lost their appeal. Join now if you aren't already a member!

Blogger said...

SwagBucks is the #1 get-paid-to site.

My Favorite Search and Win site (USA only)