Earning more with Swagbucks, a deeper review

In the introduction review of swagbucks you were introduced to the easiest daily ways to earn SB's. The rest of the common ways to earn are covered here. The site is interactive with the community, having ways to earn extra SB's by interacting on the SB Blog, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube pages. Along with the odd way to earn by doing different tasks with a sponsor like playing a sponsored game or checking out a mobile app. So make sure to visit the SB site and blog on occasion to take advantage of those type of free offers to earn.

Additional ways to earn extra Swagbucks:
  • Cash Back Shopping- There is 100's of name brand shops. Get 2sb's for every $1 spent by visiting site through their link. Also has info on coupon deals you can take advantage of here.
  • Trade in- Old phones and video game stuff to be recycled or refurbished.SB amount varies based on product. But easy to check what you will get with product info before committing to anything.
  • Special Offers- General get paid to sign up type of stuff here. Subscribe by Email and trial period offers are here. Some free, some require money investment. Easy sorting, and all the info is easy to find on each offer.
  • Fridays- Mega SB day every friday, use the Search engine for chances at winning 20+SB's for performing a search.
  • Toolbar- You can install the Toolbar in addition or instead of the plugin for the search box. It offers everything you would expect from a website toolbar, one click access to most of the site. Plus it also has an additional message inbox seperate from the site where you occasionaly find a SB code.
  • Widget- Place the widget on your blog or website, acts like a referral banner and a way for you to check to see if there is any codes available at the moment. 
To see if there is a code you simply check the widget or their social pages. Right hand side of my blog you can see the widget. One of the five options inside the widget is "swag codes" click button, then check button, then read if there is a code and where to find it right inside the widget. Otherwise it says no code available.

The Codes are usually a sort of treasure hunt. Usually resulting in you checking their twitter, FB or Youtube page. Find a certain word or phrase and enter it on the Swagbucks homepage(copy/paste codes as they are case sensitive). Each code is only good for a certain amount of time, usually 2-3 hours.

Spending your Swagbucks is very easy, visit the swag store or the swag stakes. The swag store usually has 1500-2000 different items available for redemption from digital items like music downloads and wallpapers to big ticket items like TV's and video gaming consoles. With lots of stuff in between including nice sections of movie/music posters, jewlery and gift card options.

The Swag stakes area has limited entry and limited time prizes to be given. Usually it's an assortment of things found in the normal swag store being offered to everyone as a chance to get it at a fraction of the price. Occasionally though they offer some really awesome items like autographed sports memorabilia. For those of you who want a chance at more swagbucks and don't mind taking a chance there is SB swag stakes where you could win 10K SBs, for 50sb per entry into drawing.

All the free gifts you get are usually received in less then 14 days. Most the virtual items are instant or less then 24hrs. Gifts cards are codes that will be given to you on the Swagbucks site.

If you want to sign up for SwagBucks, please use click here.


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