Paid to search, Search and win

There are many search engines out there, we all know the Google and Yahoo ones.
But you may not know, there are many search engines out there that use the same systems as Google and/or yahoo, but also reward searchers for using their system. You can win money, Gift card, Electronics and much more.
Use them like you would any other Search Engine, and don't try to "cheat" them by posting lots of searches back-to-back, or else you can and will lose your account.
The two I promote here I've personally won and received stuff from.

Swagbucks - Search and win "swag bucks". Get 3 free for sign up and your first search get's you another 2. Which means right away, you can claim 5 different $5 gift cards! You claim prizes with the Swag Bucks, and each prize has a price listed right there available for viewing. You can even get free game consoles with enough swag bucks!
Newly Added $5 PayPal withdraw option for just 70 SwagBucks.
Make sure to check the Twitter,Facebook,Blog and Myspace pages of theirs for Daily Swag Codes to enter on the Swag Buck home page for free SwagBucks.

Blingo - No registration is required, only first 10 searches per day are eligible for prizes. They have given away over $1.7 Million in cash and prizes already.


My Favorite Search and Win site (USA only)