Squidoo is a popular publishing platform and community that's been around since 2005, where you create lens and earn income.
Lenses are kinda like 1 page fliers you would see in a newspaper written by people who have something to say about the topic of their Lenses.

It's pretty easy, kinda fun and allows you to earn income for writing about stuff that you choose. Literally anything you want.

Facts about the site:
Nearly 1 million lenses (as of June 09)
One of the top 300 sites visited in the USA
100% free
If you don't wanna earn money, or just wanna help out, you can donate any money you make to charity. Approx 35% of ppl on the site choose this option.

About money:
They give 5% of everything earned on site, directly to charity. Use 45% to cover their costs.
Leaving 50% that goes to the owner of the Lens that created the income.
Pays to Paypal
Min Cashout is $1

A few examples of Lenses I've made:
Skill Gaming FAQ
Poker Training site for Tourneys


My Favorite Search and Win site (USA only)