Earning more money with Skill Gaming

Read the Skill Gaming FAQ first

The best way to maximize your profits with skill gaming is to become a master of one or two games or game types. I personally play the brick/paddle/ball games the most, and a few of the classic arcade games, like Pac-man.

What you want to do is practice for free (the more the better) on which ever site you plan to deposit on first. Play for hours on end, as much as you can. Play for a week or two before risking a single penny.

By doing this you are going to be able to dominate the lower rankings of the site and guarantee a solid profit to start you off before you reach solid competition and take a loss here and there.

If you joined one of the sites with larger tourneys, you should be able to finish top 10 of one of the tourneys in the lower ranks and at least double your deposit.

Continue to dominate the larger tourneys while you can and try to avoid the 1 vs 1 battles. The 1vs1 tend to move you up in rank to quickly, thus minimizing your profit from the large tourneys at lower ranks.

When you finally reach the medium to high rankings. begin to play 1vs1 games. Play 3 games, if you face the same opponent and keep winning 2 outta 3, then continue to play until you face a new person that you don't beat. Picking different times of the day and days you play, you will find a bit weaker competition. It varies from site to site so mix it up.

Last more arguably the most important. NEVER deposit more then $20 per site.
If you can not practice a game enough to turn a profit on $20, then you should not be risking that much money.At that point you are instead playing a game with a slight rush, but you are playing for fun, not to turn a regular profit.

Once you Turn $20 into $60 or more, withdraw double your deposit($40), and begin the process over on a new site, and pocket $20, while still leaving $20 on that site.

Follow that process and you'll be able to turn a nice profit while still having plenty of sites to choose from, for when you decide to master a new game type and run the ranks for the new game.

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