Why Paid to post site Mylot is so great.

Looking around my Google Analytics today to check up on traffic sources and activity on my site, I noticed just how great of a factor MyLot is for this blog. I've been using Google's tracking for 30 days now, since Aug 7th. I'm really liking the options it gives me to review activity on my site, and to see where people are coming from.

Here are some quick numbers to dwell on about the traffic I get on my blog from MyLot:
10.68% - The amount of my overall traffic that comes from MyLot.
4:07 - The amount of average time the person coming from MyLot spends on my blog.
81.97% - The percent of people visiting my blog for the first time via MyLot.
3 - The number of days in the past month MyLot has not produced any traffic for me.
43.97% - The increase in percent of pages visited by MyLot traffic compared to other traffic sources.

Why are these numbers so much better when compared to other traffic sources of mine?
1) I post on MyLot about topics related to my blog, so the traffic that it brings is highly targeted.
2) When I post, I often make reference to my blog in one form or another.
3) I'm active there, posting 3-10 times on most days.
4) It's a paid to post discussion board, so the people there are interested in making money at least a little bit. Very much related to this blog.
5) It's one of the first sites many people find when they enter the world of earning money online. So a solid portion of the site is looking for guidance.
6) Since posting of promotional links is not allowed. Their is a highly customizable profile page for each member can use to promote their sites and blogs. This has a large effect on posting and the number of people that visit each others profile and because I took the time to make my profile nice and neat and provide multiple links to my blog, many find my blog.

Want to know more about MyLot?
  • It's a paid to post discussion board.
  • Over 180,000 members
  • Been online since 2003.
  • $10 minimum payout, via paypal once a month.
  • The "earnings per post" is not public information.
  • Because it's not public, the way to go is with a mix of quality and quantity.
  • They allow people from all countries in the world.
  • You can discuss pretty much everything, there are 100's of active interest groups covering pretty much every topic there is. You can create one if you can't find one!
  • Highly customizable profile, and no self promotion linking in discussions, results in people viewing your profile.
  • Highly customizable home page too, allows you to view what you want of relevance.
  • Private message system, but you have to be friends with someone to send message, means no spam on your site inbox.
  • Upload photos with your discussions to provide more info.(and earn more doing so)
  • Great 25% earnings of first level referral program
New Users Guide to MyLot I wrote to help you get maximum benefit from it.
(guide will show you how to setup your profile among other things)

As always, feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you have any questions.
You can also contact me on MyLot, I'm known as "2earnmoney2" on that site.


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